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Tonight for dinner, Vida will have fresh beets & red potatoes

Tonight for dinner, Vida will have fresh beets & red potatoes


A young man of color arrested in Union Square earlier today doing literally nothing but crossing the street.

I am fucking shaking with anger. This video shows Union Square earlier today. Clearly there is a protest but the area immediately surrounding the guy with the camera is just observers and people milling around. Watch the guy in the red shirt. From the vimeo link:

As you can see at around 0:30, a young man in a red shirt, Glenn Daniels Jr, is walking near the sidewalk with hundreds of other protestors. The crowd was attempting to cross the street to continue the march south down Broadway from Union Square. Daniels is peacefully walking with a water bottle, not committing any crime. At 0:35 he is approached by an NYPD officer and pushed towards the sidewalk. At 0:38 a senior police officer in a white shirt quickly approaches and grabs Daniels and another young man with a beard and backpack. The lighter skinned man is let go, but Daniels is arrested. The remainder of the video shows NYPD officers cuffing and detaining Daniels.

Unbefuckinglievable. He’s doing fucking nothing.

That’s crazy… Our good ol’cops… Smh

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That nap time… (Taken with instagram)

That nap time… (Taken with instagram)



Just watched this great film:

Skin is a biographical tale of a resilient woman. It is based on the true story of Sandra Laing, a Black woman born to two white parents in apartheid era South Africa. After years of rejecting herself and trying to understand why her skin color is such an issue, Sandra finally accepts herself when she falls in love with a Black man. Unfortunately the cost of coming to terms with her skin color is tearing apart her family. Her father, who spent years campaigning for her to be classified as white, disowns her and the rest of the family falls in line. The movie follows her as she struggles to make it on her own, raise a family and reconnect with her family.

This was a decent book and an interesting case.

I watched this as well, its a very good movie. Honestly all the kids they had looked black (in the movie) , however she was the only one who couldn’t pass for white. Black genes are amazing!

My daddy & I @ the Sade concert  (Taken with instagram)

My daddy & I @ the Sade concert (Taken with instagram)